Monday, August 15, 2011

Cry, cry, Baby!


I heard on the news last week that crying has no effect on your body, what so ever.  Huh? What?  If that is true then what is the real purpose of shedding tears? Why do you feel certain sensations in your head, chest, back, stomach when you are sad, scared, depressed, happy or any other emotion that may cause you to cry? I know that tear ducts are meant to keep your eyes moist and for people that don't produce enough tears it can be very uncomfortable.  I have never been a big cryer, that was, until I got married.  Marriage has made me a very emotional person.  Okay, so I don't really think that it was marriage in itself but the events that have taken place since then and the fact that I am loved wholeheartedly by someone who is not related to me.  I have wasted many in tears in the past on relationships that had an impact on me but honestly I think that was my ego crying.  Whether it was me who broke it off or it was them, I still let it get to me.  Like a project that has been completed, why couldn't I just move forward and say "well, that was that"?  I remember sitting in a movie theater with a date watching a tear jerker only to look over and see my date wiping tears from his eyes.  Me?  My eyes were dry as the Sahara.  I had never cried at a funeral until my father passed away last year.  I attribute my emotional unleashing to when our dogs died. Some may think this is silly but for those who have lost a beloved pet they know what I am talking about.  Now I have become one of those people that tear up at a sappy commercial or a sentimental card.  I cried when I came home from vaction recently and my husband had done the grocery shopping and straightend up the house.  I am still not comfortable with all of this emotion spewing forth in the form of tears but I will get over it.  Maybe I am making up for lost time.  After all, I have no problem with laughing until the tears run down my face.  I think those researchers need to move on and find something else to study like why idiots are allowed to get a drivers license, reproduce or run for public office.  It's your party! Cry if you want to.

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